Meeting Date & Time: 2/5/2016 at 5:30pm Mode of the meeting: Conference call

Attendees: Shahid Ahmed, Sarwat Iqbal, Syed Zafarullah, Hasan Tasleem, Tanveer Saroya, Nadeem Ahmed

Absentees: Muhammad Zahid, Sheheryar Waseem, Arshad Pervaiz, Mariya Pervaiz, Amjad Chaudhry, Mohammad Ghauri, Humera Khurram, Abid Jamil, Tahir Khan


  • 2015 Financials
  • 2016 Calendar
  • Meeting started with recitation from Holy Quran by Syed Zafarullah.
  • 2015 financials were not discussed in detail as Muhammad Zahid did not join the meeting. Board members did raise a concern of apparent negative balance in 2015 as previously mentioned by Muhammad Zahid.
  • PAA President, Shahid Ahmed shared his goals for PAA before talking about the 2016 Calendar. Shahid ‘s goals for 2016 are presented below:
  • Sign up members for 2016
  • Constitutional Amendments
  • Financial Controls to be added to the by laws
  • Pay the past dues to IRS, Southfield pavilion
  • Organize PAA traditional events
  • Conduct election in November 2016
  • Shahid Ahmed mentioned few events and dates for 2016 as given below:
    • AGM on February 21st
    • PAA Republic Day on March 27th
    • Pakistan Day (Mela) on August 14th
  • Board members were asked to help sign up members to have a quorum for AGM.
  • Meeting was concluded with recitation from the Holy Quran.